About Us

Those who visit Hartsburg Cycle Depot will find that we have a wealth of experience behind us. Anything from Skateboarding the “Mad Dog Bowl” in London with Tony Alva and the”Hawkster”, to motor bike racing on the English circut, to cross country cycling.

Schooled at the United Bicycle Institute we are;

Certified advanced wheel builder
(with United Bicycle Institute & D T Swiss )

Certified in bicycle repair and shop operation
Certified frame preparation and alignment specialist
Certified in suspension technology
Certificate in advanced bicycle mechanics
Qualified in frame building and design

Hartsburg Cycle Depot is a family business, owned and operated locally. We want to make your adventure on the KATY Trail as enjoyable as possible. Please let us know how we can help!

Hartsburg Cycle Depot opened in May 1997 in the two-story Samuel Hackman Building about 100-yards from the KATY Trail. Built in 1897, the building has served as a hardware store, a theater, a doctor’s office, a barber shop, a grocery store and a residence. The building is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Missouri River left its mark three feet up on the building’s horsehair plaster walls after the 500-year flood in 1993 innundated the town. Through Hartsburg, the KATY Trail now serves as a levy to protect the downtown area from future floods.

Hartsburg Cycle Depot features a wide selection of bicycles perfect for cruising the KATY Trail. We rent and sell bicycles, also offering a wide range of cycling accessories such as gel saddles, helmets, clipless pedals, tubes, tires, and rims. We make comfort a priority by providing a selection of men’s AND women’s bicycling clothing for hot and cool weather. In addition to KATY Trail souvenirs and t-shirts, we also carry terrific gifts for bicycling enthusiasts, like framed old world bicycle pictures, jewlery and even a Curious George Rides a Bicycle wristwatch.