A perfect wheel is a beautiful thing. And many things need to be right in order to achieve the perfect wheel.
Spokes must be of the exact length needed and at their optimum tension throughout the entire wheel. All spoke threads and nipple seats must be properly lubricated. The components and lacing pattern picked to fabricate the wheel, must be ideally suited to the rider, their ability, size and intended use.
The building of the wheel itself, is a time consuming process of gradually adding tension to the spokes, little by little, while maintaining dish, radial and lateral trueness, until the optimum tension is achieved.
At Hartsburg Cycle Depot we have a wheelbuilder who has passed certification in advanced wheelbuilding, conducted by the United Bicycle Institute and DT Swiss. He can build you a perfectly matched set of wheels for any requirement.
A hand built wheel will outshine a machine built wheel in every way. It will be stronger. Remain truer, and therefore last longer.
If you have definite componentry items in mind or you would like us to design a wheel to your requirements and budget. Contact us and we can hand build them for you at a comparable price to most machine built wheels.