Repair Service
A new level of Repair Service from a Certified Bicycle Mechanic
We have here at The Cycle Depot, a fully equipped bicycle repair workshop, capable of repairing and servicing the newest bicycle components and technology.
If you have a $50 bike – a full on downhill
monster or the latest Italian road rocket!!!
We can Fix, Service or Upgrade it.
Our mechanic is a Certified Bicycle Technician
Qualified in;
Advanced Bicycle mechanics
Frame Alignment
Frame Prep. (with the latest cutting and facing tools)
Suspension Technology
Also a;
Master Wheelbuilder, certified by D.T. Swiss
(one of the leading wheel component manufacturers)
and The United Bicycle Institute.
And being a frame designer and builder, also has a unique knowledge of what upgrades or refit will work best on your bike to suit your riding style.
New Bicycle Assembly
This involves checking all components, truing wheels, adjusting and lubricating all bearings. All fasteners are torqued to specification, brakes correctly adjusted. All gears are correctly aligned and tested and cables lubed. Finally the bike is test ridden. Entire process takes around 2 hours depending on style of bike.
COST $60.00
Complete Overhaul
The bike is completely disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt. If you ride your bike  hard we recommend you have this done annually, especially all terrain bikes or any bike that has seen wet conditions and muddy trails on a regular basis. Your bike will ride like new again.
COST $110.00
Tune Up
This is usually what’s needed when you notice your gears have stopped shifting correctly, or brakes not feeling as good as they did. Gears and brakes are adjusted as are all bearings, hubs etc. Wheels are trued and the chain is removed, drivetrain cleaned and checked for wear.
COST $50.00
Wheel Build
Wheels are built by hand to exacting standards. Pick your componentry and lacing pattern, or we can choose the components best matched to your riding style etc. For further information go to our Wheel Building Page
COST per wheel $35.00 + Components
Frame Prep
Even if you have purchased a frame elsewhere, before you build it up let us prep the frame for you so that your components, when fitted, will perform at their best. It is surprising how many high end frames are supplied without even a basic prep.
COST $105.00
Above prices do not include any replacement parts that may be needed.